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Four Kavraki Lab grad students standing outside at Rice University

SARS-Arena reveals hidden hooks in virus Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2022

Program identifies conserved SARS-CoV-2 peptides that could be used to develop vaccines

Emu stands tall at detecting bacteria species

Emu stands tall at detecting bacteria species Thursday, Jun. 30, 2022

Treangen Lab program using common gene to profile microbial communities featured in Nature Methods journal

Data Scientist collaborating with Software Engineer at a company

Data Science vs Software Engineering: What's the Difference? Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2022

While data scientists extract and analyze data sets, software engineers develop systems and applications to meet user and business needs. Learn more from Rice.

Cascante-Bonilla standing in front of a poster of her computer vision research

Teaching Computers to Answer Questions about Images Friday, Jun. 24, 2022

Cascante-Bonilla and Ordóñez introduce SimVQA at CVPR 2022

SeqScreen can reveal ‘concerning’ DNA

SeqScreen can reveal ‘concerning’ DNA Tuesday, Jun. 21, 2022

Open-source program IDs synthetic, naturally occurring gene sequences

Rice CS' Xia "Ben" Hu named D2K director

Rice CS' Xia "Ben" Hu named D2K director Tuesday, Jun. 21, 2022

Hu succeeds Genevera Allen, founder of the data science education lab

Humans in the loop help robots find their way

Humans in the loop help robots find their way Thursday, Jun. 16, 2022

Computer scientists’ interactive program aids motion planning for environments with obstacles

Robust Cache Rice CS researchers Shrivastava and Luo

Robust Cache (ROSE) has profound implications for Amazon and beyond Thursday, May. 26, 2022

Rice CS' Shrivastava and Luo developed locality-sensitive hashing that improves query searches up to 250%

Data and statistics coworkers sharing data visualizations and discussing business insights

Data Science vs Statistics: What's the Difference? Tuesday, May. 24, 2022

Both data scientists & statisticians work with data, but the problem solving techniques and size of data distinguish the two fields. Learn more from Rice.

Shaan Nagy

Impressing faculty with independent research Friday, May. 20, 2022

World-renowned computer scientist Moshe Vardi says he has high hopes for Rice senior Shaan Nagy