Undergraduate Opportunities

Rice's Department of Computer Science is unique in terms of the number of research opportunities offered to undergraduates. The CS faculty regularly encourage and invite undergraduates to participate in their research and remain engaged in the student's progress. Drawing undergraduates into their own research groups allows the CS faculty to offer our students the best of both worlds: the interpersonal relationships found in a small teaching-oriented college and the chance to choose from a rich assortment of developing projects most often found in big research institution.


One of the keys to landing a good job after graduation is building real world experience through internships. Our students have a tremendous track record for receiving great internship offers, both locally and around the country, in global corporations and in small startups. Several undergraduate CS majors have also won fellowships to participate in the prestigious Kleiner Perkins Fellows Program that places students in top startups in Silicon Valley.

Rice's Center for Career Development (CCD) works throughout the year to help match students with appropriate internship opportunities. Both the fall and spring Career Expo events boast a strong concentration of technical internship openings.

  • Jobs and Internships
  • Fall Career & Internship Expo (Early September; established tech companies recruit in the fall)
  • Spring Career & Internship Expo (Early February; HTX, ATX, and west coast startups)


The George R. Brown School of Engineering offers a certificate program in Engineering Leadership that can supplement any of the school's majors. the RCEL (Rice Center for Engineering Leadership) program includes 9 required credit hours of coursework, a leadership development experience that focuses on experience as a leader on an engineering-related project, an internship and other components. Successful completion of the program is noted on your final transcript. This program is one of only a few certificate programs in engineering leadership in the country.

Academic Year and Summer Research Options

Students can get involved in faculty research during the academic year or through summer internships.

The best way to find a computer science research position is to determine which faculty member is doing work that interests you most, and ask them if they have a place for you on their research team. Students may also propose a research topic to a professor and if it's approved, earn credit for research work done.

Research Experience for Undergraduates in Computer & Data Science

In collaboration with Google, the Department of Computer Science has launched a 10-week computer and data science summer program for undergraduates. The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Computer & Data Science program offers participating students unprecedented one-on-one access to faculty mentors as they work together on cutting-edge research. This hands-on, paid experience will give students a significant advantage when pursuing a graduate degree or a future career in computer science or data science.

Distinction in Research

Rice offers Computer Science undergraduates an award for "Distinction in Research and Creative Works." This is a university honor for graduating students that will be granted at commencement and will appear on recipients' transcripts and diplomas. Learn more.

Fifth-Year Master’s Degree for Undergraduates

Rice students have an option to pursue the Master of Computer Science (MCS) degree, the Master of Data Science (MDS), or the Master of Science (MS) Fellowship by adding an additional fifth year to their four undergraduate years of science and engineering studies.

With the Fifth-Year Program, advanced Rice undergraduate students in good academic standing may apply to the MCS degree program during their junior or senior year. Upon acceptance, depending on course load, financial aid status, and other variables, they may then start taking some required courses of the master's degree program. A plan of study will need to be approved by the student's undergraduate advisor and the MCS program director. Learn more.