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The Ken Kennedy Institute, led by Rice CS faculty member Lydia Kavraki, hosted Jeff Dean for distinguished lecture

ML pHLA binding predictors found to favor higher-income areas

Paper takes novel approach to the quantum process tomography problem

Ongoing quantum physics research could revolutionize computing, communication, and sensing capabilities

Rice CS alumna Wendy-Kay Logan leads diverse teams across Google and Alphabet

Wendy-Kay Logan: Blazing a Trail Monday, Apr. 8, 2019

Rice CS alumna Wendy-Kay Logan leads diverse teams across Google and Alphabet

Stan Hanks, Rice University CS alumnus and Realwear chief architect.

Stan Hanks: Finding and Fixing Problems Thursday, Apr. 4, 2019

Solving problems is still the high point of Stan Hanks' job. He said, “My best day at work is when I unexpectedly come to a solution for something that has been bothering me for a while –that ‘ah hah’ moment."

Ruth Huang Miller, MCS alumna and data scientist at Panera Bread.

Ruth Huang Miller: in Pursuit of Knowledge Tuesday, Apr. 2, 2019

MCS alumna Ruth Huang Miller is a data scientist at Panera Bread. “I focus on data science and database work, but I also spend a lot of time in compilers and algorithms."

Alvin Magee Rice University student

Building a Supportive Network Monday, Apr. 1, 2019

“It’s been really rewarding to see how far I’ve come. My CS foundation is really strong.” Avin Magee (CS '20)

CSters at Indeed February of 2019

CSters: supporting women in Computer Science courses and programs Thursday, Mar. 28, 2019

Csters grew from 5 members to more than 150. CSters supports women in computing.

Clement Pang, Rice University CS alumnus and entrepreneur.

Clement Pang: AI Research, Relatable Software, and the Art of Coding Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2019

Clement Pang (B.S. ’07) is a serial technology industry entrepreneur and investor in Silicon Valley whose ultimate goal is to produce software solutions for problems that matter."

CS PhD alumna Rima Tanash is a security engineer for Amazon Web Services.

Rima Tanash: CS Security, Logic, and Formal Verification Monday, Mar. 25, 2019

AWS Security Engineer Rima Tanash (Ph.D. '17) said the problem-solving skills acquired in graduate school are highly valued in industry. "

Photo of CS alumna Tina Kim by Two Dudes Photo.

Tina Kim Explores Many Paths with a CS Foundation Friday, Mar. 22, 2019

Tina Kim was one of only five women in her graduating class of CS majors. She said, “Don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice other people like you in your college or your classes. There are plenty of women in tech."

Gaurav Banga, Rice University CS alumnus and entrepreneur.

Gaurav Banga: Accidental Entrepreneur Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2019

Rice University CS alumnus Gaurav Banga did not intend to become a serial startup guy. He said, "I became an entrepreneur when I discovered a problem I couldn’t put down.”

Rice University CS alumna and Google director Annie Christian Klemp.

Annie Christian Klemp: Embracing Challenges Friday, Mar. 15, 2019

Rice University CS alumna Annie Christian Klemp believes the best solutions are created by diverse teams.