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As a student of our Online Program, you’ll enjoy the type of thoughtful interactions with faculty that are critical to developing graduate-level skills and thinking. Study at your convenience with video content, then interact in live sessions where you can ask questions and build your knowledge base.

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Rice Faculty Are Experienced Online Educators

Professor Scott Rixner is the faculty lead for our Master of Computer Science Online Program. Dr. Rixner has significant experience in creating coursework for online learning environments. He’s taught over a million online students and is leveraging his experience to create this one-of-a-kind program.


MCS@Rice World-Class Faculty

Mike Fagan, Research Scientist and Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr. Mike Fagan received his B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. all from Rice University. His Research interests include design and implementation of programming languages, especially high level languages, and automatic differentiation.

John Greiner, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr. John Greiner has taught a wide variety of computer science courses over more than twenty years at Rice with an emphasis on algorithms and introductory programming. He has been involved with online teaching since 2012 and coaches the ACM/ICPC programming contest teams.

Sinan Kockara, Lecturer in Computer Science

Master of Computer Science Courses: Programming for Data Science

Sinan Kockara, Ph.D., is lecturer in Rice University's Department of Computer Science. He's taught various graduate and undergraduate computer science courses, including but not limited to CS I/CS II in C++, Theory of Computation, Parallel Programming, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, CUDA C programming. His research focuses on medical image processing, especially in dermatology, and VR based surgical simulation development for arthroscopic surgeries in orthopedics for surgeons’ training.

Xinjie Lan

Xinjie Lan, Assistant Teaching Professor

Master of Computer Science Courses: Machine Learning Specialization & Electives (Statistical ML, NLP)

Dr. Xinjie Lan joined Rice University’s D2K Lab and Master of Computer Science program in May 2022 as an Assistant Teaching Professor. His doctoral research focuses on machine learning theory, eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), and computer vision. His teaching experience involves machine learning and data science courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Tilsa Oré Mónago

Tilsa Oré Mónago, Lecturer in Computer Science

Master of Computer Science Courses: Statistics for Computing & Data Science

Tilsa Oré Mónago, Ph.D., is lecturer in Rice University's Department of Computer Science as well as a lecturer for the Master of Energy Economics program in Rice's Department of Economics. She is also a fellow in energy and market design at the Baker Institute and a member of the Lima School of Economics (LimaSE) in Peru. Oré Mónago has specialized in industrial organization, applied game theory, competition policy and economic regulation. Her research focuses on market structures, pricing strategies and switching costs in network industries.

Marmar Orooji, Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr. Marmar Orooji’s research interests include Data Analytics, Data Privacy and Anonymization, and Semantic Analysis.

Janell Straach, Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr. Janell Straach has a diverse background including academic and industry experience. She has worked in industry for IBM and a large electric/gas utility organization and is chairman of the board of Women In CyberSecurity-WiCyS (

stephen wong

Stephen Wong, Lecturer in Computer Science

Master of Computer Science Courses: Rice Online MCS Capstone Course

Stephen Wong is an experienced computer scientist, physicist and educator specializing in object-oriented programming, software engineering and computer science pedagogy. His current research includes the use of design patterns in redesigning traditional algorithms, serious gaming systems, cloud-based enterprise information management systems, large-scale, high-fidelity simulation systems and technologies for massive open online courses.



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