Fall 2022: COMP 640: Graduate Research Seminar in Machine Learning

Class Timings and location      Wednesday 03:00 PM - 03:50 PM from 08/24/2022 to 12/02/2022, Duncan Hall 1046.

Course Description:

Our theme is Trustworthy AI and beyond. Despite the remarkable achievement of artificial intelligence in a variety of fields, designing responsible and accountable (trustworthy) ML systems remains a significant problem due to both the practical requirements of the stakeholders as well as the regulations in different domains. Trustworthy AI requires governance and regulatory compliance throughout the AI lifecycle from ideation to design, development and deployment. From this perspective, the ML/DL systems are evaluated in these four dimensions: explainability (transparency), fairness (unbias), robustness (reliability), and respectfulness of privacy (security).

Through this course, we will select some solid work on the trustworthy ML/DL and discuss them.

Learning Outcomes:

The goal of this course is deriving a comprehensive understanding of Trustworthy AI, state-of-the-art techniques, and its potentials in daily life. Moreover, we hope this course could also:

  • give you a stage to brainstorm, explore and express your thoughts about trustworthy-AI.
  • broaden your vision via exchanging your throughts with other students.
  • provide you an opportunity to have collaboration with other people.

Grading and Logistics:

  • For students signning up for 1 credit: Read at least one paper on trustworthy-AI; Give a 30-min presentation on the paper, and lead the discussion during the class.


A background of machine learning is required. Each student will be invited to give a talk about advanced papers in trustworthy ML/DL. We will have one talk every week.

Presentations and Summarization Logistics:

  • Each student should read at least one paper on trustworthy-AI (interpretability, fairness, robustness or pravicy of ML).
  • Ten attendences will be randomly taken in the semester and are used to measure the attendance as well. six attendences are required for full score. As long as more than six attendences are received successfully, no extra evidence is needed. Otherwise an excused absence is required.
  • Schedule:


    Instructor Information:

    Name Xia "Ben" Hu
    Email address xia.hu@rice.edu
    Office hours Per request
    Office location Zoom

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    This page has been partially adopted from the previous editions of COMP 640 Spring 2022, instructed by Professor Anshumali Shrivastava of Rice University.